The name Sol Flora, a shortened form of “solstice,” nods to the sun as the center of our seasonal shifts. This name also hints at the business' unique focus: solely designing for intimate events.  Sol Flora is brought to life through my own times of reflection on each winter and summer solstice and each spring and autumn equinox. 

I design for intimate events, elopements, and weddings with under 100 guests. Working at this scale allows me to balance the soul of why I create and the quality of a design that is both local flower-dominated and color forward. 


There is beauty in each person’s heritage, story, and values. I create for a wide variety of traditions and celebrations while sourcing a diverse range of local blooms. Ecosystems thrive when multiple plants, species, and perspectives live in harmony together. 

I participate in the slow flower movement that honors nature's limited resources. This happens through sustainable choices I make when sourcing flowers, designing installations that limit use of plastics, and  composting or recycling waste.

From planning to production day, I value thinking through the details so hosts, guests, and vendors can all experience ease and joy. Similarly, my designs seek to mimic the seeming ease of flowers’ artful growth towards the sun. 

Each design is made with intention so that florals will make sense in your hands, on your table, or adorning your celebration. Through active listening, I hope to create designs that align with your personality and your purpose.

I cherish opportunities for reciprocity with nature and with our community. When there are extra flowers from an event, they are always given to someone who could use a beautiful pick-me-up, if not sent home for guests to further enjoy. 

My business began as a response to a text: "Do you deliver flowers?" It was March 2020, and I was weathering the COVID-19 lockdown in my hometown of Orlando. Was I a full-time florist? No! Did I have knowledge of the local flower market in Florida? No! But I had worked with florists, flower farms, and the NYC flower market enough to know I could do it, and I really wanted to. So I typed back, "Yes!"

That "yes" was a risk. As an educator, I juggled teaching middle schoolers online during a pandemic. Meanwhile, I squeezed in trips to the flower market, foraged local blooms, and reached out to local flower farmers. By Mother's Day, I had delivered arrangements all over the city, sent from as far as Washington D.C., Hamburg, and Bangalore. Ever since that defining "yes!" to deliver one arrangement in Orlando, my NYC-based business has evolved with the needs of the people around me to include: micro weddings, intimate birthday parties, elopements in the park, wedding celebrations upstate, and more.    



I found my way to flowers through work on organic farms in New York and Alaska.

Having worked as a floral freelancer for years, I made the choice to design my own wedding florals.

From early years, I wanted to be a florist when I grew up.

Now, I find so much joy  and inspiration designing for others’ special events.

"There are days we live as if death were nowhere in the background . . . from blossom to impossible blossom, to sweet impossible blossom."

Flowers aligned with your personality & purpose